Jdanspsa BACK ON-LINE!

Hello, you. ;)

After a heavy hiatus from regular blogging, I’m back with a new and (hopefully) improved Jdanspsa Wyksui.  The focus will remain largely on film, but with a good dose of society-and-culture-related posts and a smattering of music writing.  The majority of the content from the old site has been cleaned up and moved over here.  This isn’t just another new WordPress blog, I’ve been doing this for years!

What I’m really excited about, though, is the series I’m launching this site with: The 00s, a review of the music and movies of the past decade.  Starting with my top 20 albums of the 00s, I’ll be steadily rolling out content over the next couple of weeks.  The first post is below, an intro to the music list along with numbers 20-16.  Keep checking back to the 00s page listed above the Jdanspsa logo for the rest…

I’m getting back into the swing of things because I really miss writing and being in touch with people this way.  Bloggers in my family That’ll do, Slag, Helen Back and tonyh, have inspired me to pick up the slack when they’re all keeping up quality blogs.  And then there’s my music maestro bro Haszari storming the internet with his creations (he also created my awesome logo above).  Check the links in the sidebar under ‘My Family’ to check out what they’re doing.

I also want to develop something of a community on here, so your comments are very much appreciated, and if you know someone who you think might be interested, send ’em this way!

Have a look around and tell me what you think.  It’s early days so there are bound to be issues here and there.  And if you think I’ve sold out, don’t bother telling me – I already know that.

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