Learning How to Blog

No, Jdanspsa Wyksui isn’t dead. Yes, this is another one of those ‘no, the blog isn’t dead, don’t leave yet, please’ posts that you see on a hundred dormant blogs anytime you crack open the Pandora’s Box of the blogosphere.

Taken with Nokia 2700 classic
Varkala beach at sunset, June 2011

The difference between those desperation posts and this one is that most of those ones are already months old and have been followed by roughly zero updates. I’m not going to do that, promise. I’ve been accumulating ideas for posts on here for a while but just never getting around to writing them up, and with a bit more time management in the forthcoming months, they’ll trickle in and (hopefully) be half-decent.

It’s not that I’ve been sitting around watching bad films or drinking lemon tea on the verandah, or whatever it is normal people do when they aren’t blogging. (Although I have at times been doing both of those things.) Apart from working three jobs (plus a secret fourth), I’ve been getting kicked out of India, shocking strangers, decrying pornography and – most terrifying of all – dabbling in economics. I’ve also been tweeting quite a lot.

So yeah, I’ve been passably busy. The question is, after hanging this blog out to dry – again – why should I come back to it, especially when I’m already writing elsewhere? And why should you bother reading it? Well, I have a lot of ideas that I want to write about somewhere but just don’t think would fit anywhere else. Things like:

The future's so bright...

More than ever, though, I feel comfortable with just sitting and writing, and am figuring out how to do it better for an audience (even an audience of about 3 people) over a long period of time. If I were a pretentious git, I’d say it’s a bit like I’ve been on a sabbatical, blogging elsewhere, reading a lot, taking low-quality photographs, pursuing new and old interests… learning how to blog, because I never really figured out exactly how.

What this most likely means is that you can expect to be very bored, very soon. Still, I try to keep in mind that I write for myself first and foremost and that if anyone else is happy to tag along, that’s a bonus. I’m hoping I get this right from now on, and you enjoy reading my words almost as much as I enjoy writing them.