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The Floor: Episode 1 – DVDs

The Floor: Episode 1 – DVDs

That’s an audio file, there. Click the play button and you’ll hear the first episode of my new podcast, The Floor, which builds short and sharp narratives around internet comments.

Okay, maybe not sharp. Pretty loose and silly, actually.

Episode 1 is about DVDs. They are mouldering in drawers, lonely in their piles, dying to see the light once more — and that’s just in my house. Wait until you hear what people on the internet have to say about them.

I’m having a lot of fun making this podcast, and while the very idea of basing a creative project on my voice is an unsettling one (who on this Earth is completely comfortable with the sound of their own voice?), I have been told I have the right timbre for this sort of thing. So here we are.

Each episode will be around 15 minutes and released every week or so. My wife says I’ll be lucky to get one out every four months, but we’ll see about that. You can subscribe to the RSS feed from the hosting site at Podbean or directly from the XML file. I’ll also share each new episode in a separate post here on Jdanspsa Wyksui.

I owe thanks to Haszari for the theme music, to @nubelsondev on Unsplash for the logo art, and to Ed Haszard Morris, Rua Haszard Morris, and Joe Lees for beta listener feedback and production support.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I promise not to feature your words on the podcast. Not until the 100th episode spectacular, anyway.


Episode 1 – DVDs features comments from the following articles:

‘United they stand: The people behind our last video stores’ ( 

‘Streaming a Movie Uses Less Energy Than Watching a DVD’ (Smithsonian Online)

‘Best Blu-ray player for 2021’ (CNET)