Visas, Hotels and Bureaucracy

“Sir.  There is a problem with your visa and you must vacate the hotel immediately.”

We’d already taken a shower, unpacked our clothes for the wedding reception and were trying to relax and watch some mindless TV.  I tried to reason with him.  “I thought the situation was clear.  I have the required papers showing my visa extension is under consideration and I went and got papers for my fiancée.  Our stay was approved.”

The attendant was unmoved.  “I’m sorry, sir.  You must vacate immediately.”

I resisted the urge to slam the door in his face or shout obscenities, despite my overflowing exasperation.  It wouldn’t do any good to get angry.  After nearly a full day of running around Thiruvananthapuram trying simply to get a room for the night, it was finally time to give up.  Bureaucracy had beaten us.

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