Laptopless and Listless

I decided not to take my laptop to Mumbai last month, hoping its absence would help me to enjoy my stay more. And I really think it did. But when I came back home to Varkala and it didn’t work, it was the start of an important lesson for me.

Oh no. Anything but this. My laptop, dead? The cornerstone of (my) life, suddenly as lifeless as the desk on which it sits? But I was only gone a week!

Wait a moment. Now,

remove and replace battery / doesn’t work / remove battery press power button 32 times replace battery / doesn’t work / remove battery connect to adapter plug into wall / doesn’t work / grit teeth mash keyboard with palms of both hands / doesn’t work

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2 thoughts on “Laptopless and Listless

  1. Hello Barns ! I just corrected – you say a New-Zealander, right ? What a shame, I always believed Kiwi = Australians, I’m an ignorant. I hope you’re well. So you don’t have a laptop anymore ???? Wow, I can’t believe that… (I never noticed the mini UK flag on the NZ flag. It confuses me a bit more, I am going to read some of New-Zealand’s history right now!) Take care

  2. No problems Coline, as I say NZers and Aussies are pretty similar anyway :) I hope you found our history interesting…! We’re a very young country, still part of the UK’s Commonwealth and hence not a republic.

    I have a shiny new netbook now, so expect lots more nonsense on here from me in the near future…

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