Writing a NOVEL now, wahey

I just realised that I self-promoted my National Novel Writing Month all over Facebook, Twitter and the NaNoWriMo forums, but didn’t make it obvious on my own site… so in case you didn’t know about it, and are interested in how my NOVEL is progressing – with all the searing insights gleaned thus far – click on ‘NANOWRIMO’ in the buttons at the top of the page.

If you can’t be bothered scrolling all the way up to the top of the page, or are sneakily reading this via Google Reader or similar, click here.

5 thoughts on “Writing a NOVEL now, wahey

  1. i think you have to pay for this kind of service? That’s why i send it all to you, because you’re kind enough to read it! (but if you offer your candidacy, then, should i keep on and take it more seriously?) be careful what you’ll say : i have 100 pages written already!
    obviously, i’ll be glad to read some of yours too! hope your writing is going well

    • It’s going very slowly compared to you proper NaNoWriMoers, but I’m pleased with progress. Obviously I won’t finish by next week but neither will I abandon it. I’d love to do an exchange sometime!

      Keep an eye on my scintillating NaNoWriMo diary for a new update tonight, oh yes it is.

      • in fact you ended up writing more posts for your blog than words for your novel ! sushimustwrite is mental – but i must admit i’m quite curious about what has been written there : is it total abandon without a minimum of thinking or well-thought sentences written that make a proper story all-together ? i just can’t write every thing that comes to my mind : i really focus on writing a whole book. Not only adding up words to make it an amazing word count. (i’m a bit frustrated as I have to catch up to 50,000 before monday).
        anyway, i keep the exchange idea – sounds great !
        good luck with all your sorts of writing ! maybe if you add up your posts, comments and nanowriting, it will reach 50,000 by tuesday !

      • Yeah, if I collect everything I’ve written on novel, blog, facebook, NRI, emails this month I’m sure the total crosses 50,000 words. I like your thinking. Do you have a newsletter I might be able to subscribe to?

        True about those hardcore wordcount-hunters. sushimustwrite is going for 50k this weekend alone, which would take her well past 250,000 for the month. I couldn’t do that myself, that’s for sure, and I don’t think I’d want to!

        Looking forward to reading some of yours… glad you’ve had an extra creative month.

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