Everyday Mornings on the Indian Railways

Taking advantage of the extraordinary Indian Railways is a regular component of my life in Kerala. Being a hardworking Technopark salaryman I have to catch the train to and from work most days, which in and of itself is not all that remarkable; people do that all over the world, from Tokyo to London to Los Angeles. What makes my journey unusual, as I’ve mentioned before, is the fact that I’m the only regular who is a white man – the saip in their midst. How much I should interact is a constant dilemma as I try to balance the expectations of whoever it is I talk to, the many others watching, and indeed, the expectations I have of them.

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2 thoughts on “Everyday Mornings on the Indian Railways

  1. I like your philosophy and your ratings system, I may steal that idea!

    Oh, I’m doing a bit of tag surfing on train subjects in case you were wondering. hello from sunny Scotland. :-)

  2. Hi Jools, sorry it took so long to get back on this. I actually took the ratings idea from theyshootpictures.com, which is one of the better film websites. I’m considerably more generous with my rating than they are, though.

    Really like your blog, too – trains, these days a niche subject that I never thought I’d be reading about on the Internet, but you certainly make it interesting. Cheers for stopping by!

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