Kerala: Drinking to the Max

I found out about the BBC’s recent big story about Kerala when I was browsing in the Reliance World internet café below my office.  One of my colleagues – a Malayali, same as 95% of the people who work in my Technopark office – came to me with a big grin on his face.  “Hey, did you hear there was a story about Kerala in the BBC today?”  I told him I hadn’t, but was quickly interested to know what it was about.  Kerala in the news! Exciting!  “Yeah,” he said, grin still fixed to his face.  “It said that Kerala consumes the most alcohol in the whole of India!

There it was on the BBC’s front page.  ‘Kerala’s love affair with alcohol’ read the headline in bold type.  I had expected an appreciation of the palm trees and backwaters seen in Incredible!ndia, or something equally charming and inoffensive, but this was an exposé of the state’s runaway drinking culture.  Normally, when there is bad international press about your homeland, you tend to react with either shame, disgust, protest or a combination of the three.  My colleague, however, seemed almost overjoyed to tell me that he and his fellow Malayalis were becoming world renowned for their drinking prowess.  A typical reaction of a young male anywhere, I guess, but it neatly sums up the attitude here.

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One thought on “Kerala: Drinking to the Max

  1. Hi,

    I am a malayali .

    I dont feel shame to say that kerala consumes more alcohol in india.
    There are several reasons i can give for this “wierd” incidence-

    1. Maybe there are less liqour shops in other states compared to kerala. In Kerala every junction is home to one.

    2.We are all very sad due to recent happenings in IPL. We were getting our own IPL team , NOT. So we bought some drinks sat in a group and sat remenicising all nite.

    3.We all have big appetites.Mmmmoooore…..

    4.Why do you say its a shame wen we ( the group of drunk keralites) provide salaries for Goverment employees and teachers. Wat will the Govt. do without us ( the group of drunk keralites) ?

    5. The beverages are not so cheap in as compared to otherstates. We buy to show that we love indian made things even the name is foriegn liqour.

    There are many more reasons but now i have to go get a beer …

    See ya.

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