Aussie Aggro Takes Aim at Indians

Hando: What’d you run into me for?

Tiger: I didn’t mean it, mate, that guy pushed me.
Hando: What’d you run into me for? What are you doing here? *What* are you doing here?
[grabs Tiger by the shoulder]
Hando: I’m gonna tell you something. I want you to listen to me now, OK? This… is… not… your… country.
[proceeds to beat him up]

-‘Romper Stomper’ (1992)

According to recent reports, Australia is not the promised land of barbeques, sardonic wit and running with glee from poisonous things. It’s a place where foreigners, including Indians, get beaten up. With thousands of ex-pats leaving Mumbai, Bangalore, Trivandrum etc. behind each year to work or study in Oz, there has understandably been quite a vocal response in Australia and here in India to the spate of attacks Indian residents endured in Sydney and Melbourne recently.

…read more at The NRI…

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