One Simple Thing I Did To Change My Life

I’m a celebrity!

On the street, heads turn wherever I go; in bars, patrons put down their glasses and look up at me. My presence sets women abuzz with chatter and invites men to look at me with bewilderment or smile with uncontrollable glee…  To think that all this time, I only had to go 7000 miles from home to attain that much-desired ‘women want to be with him, men want to share a beer with him’ status!

The thing is, I’ve done nothing to warrant my celebrity status.  I’m not a successful musician or actor, or even the Paris Hilton-esque ‘famous because I’m famous’.  The simple fact is this:  I am a white man in Kerala, or saip as locals would say in Malayalam.  From New Zealand, via Japan, and settled here for the indefinite future.

…read more at The NRI…

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