NaNoWriMo: November 2 – All hail the Yamanote

I started writing today. 1095 words so far. Begin at the beginning, though I definitely thought about writing something further down the line that’s more formed in my head… but I’ll save that for a less inspired day.

The half hour I spent writing was calm, and I felt no pressure whatsoever. I think this gonzo/Joyce method helps a lot with that, and it also helps to suppress the editor in me. What was also quite satisfying was that I wrote in an internet cafe – if I’m going to write, I usually need to be in my usual space (where I am now, at my desk, in my house) with as much quiet as I can get. Not this time. It felt good.

(c) James Heneghan

The protagonist of my novel is a young Japanese woman, and the story starts in Japan but will later move elsewhere. The character’s voice is something I struggled with – should I try to approximate Japanese language and phrases when writing her thoughts in English? In the end I’ve just decided to write like English is her native language, so she may seem distinctly American or Western at first, but hey all that can tidied up later. JUST GOTTA WRITE.

Here’s an excerpt from day 1.

at hachiko crossing i see:
guys with headphones on and a particular destination in mind
ganguro girls with their brassy faces and fake blond curls
silver-haired men in warm jackets
tiny high school girls with flaxen hair taking short, intoed steps
male college students with pimply faces and mop-tops that look messy from a distance but are perfectly styled up close
harajuku girls making a peace sign as wide-eyed foreigners photograph them
black guys with beanies who don’t seem to be bothered by anything
a few male gaijin-female japanese couples
balding salarymen
budding salarymen
and an abundance of women who look a lot like me, professional, well-dressed, shoulder-length hair that is always clean and lustrous, perhaps in heels or knee-high boots, petite, walking with purpose and varying levels of confidence. that’s me, i think, as i glance around me. that’s me walking past myself, day by day.

Right that’s enough about me, the other exciting thing today was finding out more about a few other NaNoWriMoers through the forums. I’ve added some links to their blogs and twootters to the NaNoWriMo parent page, so… check em out!

This one in particular made me laugh. I’m way behind, obviously.

Oh, and with storytelling in mind, the best example I’ve seen online in ages is Emily Carroll’s new webcomic, His Face All Red. It’s something quite extraordinary.

That’ll do – goodnight!

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